brightness_1 About CovidNearMe

CovidNearMe is a non-profit website that provides the users the number of Covid-19 patient in their region. Unlike other websites which are more statics-oriented, this website is build-up from the ground by keeping the user as our no.1 priority.

Powering this website up is an amazing team of students that work constantly inorder to keep the website's data upto date.

brightness_1 How does this website works?

This website uses the location of user to search the district and the state(region) of the user. Then the data for that particular district and state is retrieved and presented to the user.
Along with that the website displays the visual data of the registered patients on a map that helps to user to get the idea of no. of cases/potenial cases around him/her.

brightness_1 How frequently the data is updated?

The data is updated every hour is verified by our team members and volunteers and the visual data is updated twice a day

brightness_1Is this official? What are the Sources?

No, this is not. This is a community project.

The sources include all the major news outlet, govt. websites, crowdsourced database and the offical handles.
- By the community, for the community!

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